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3 shoots in 3 days

Saturday: Airbnb footages @ Hermosa Beach
Sunday: All Summer in a Day footages @ the campus
Monday: Millennials, Lantern Festival @ the lighting studio

Camera Tracker

Camera Tracker node:
+Set lens distortion: unknown
+Focal length: unknown constant or set if you know
+Set filmback width
+Settings tab> Choose number of features (checkbox preview features)
+Camera Tracker tab> Track
erase points that seem strange
+ solve (error should be < 1) +Autotrack tab> min length: track len-min + min length / raise up the bar
max track error: error-rms + max track error / look for high peaks and drop down
max error: error max + max error / chop top sections
+delete unsolved and rejected
+Camera tracker tab> solve-> export- write geo-> fbx

Millennials | Test

Before I go forward with my concept, I'm going to make a frame of the final look. Also during class, I went out to the shoot location to test out the time-lapse with my phone.

Playing with the placement of the props and testing out the roto-paints was fun. However, the computer I was using was particularly slow. I eventually became a little frustrated so I stopped and decided to get my footage right away!

This process was definitely helpful because it changed my plan. My original plan was to film during the time where many students will be passing by. However, upon testing I realized that it might be harder to place my props if there are lots of people walking in random directions.

So when I went out to film, I took with me the Vello shutterboss. I noticed that the lighting in each shot is different and I realized that I didn't set my camera to Manual mode. Since I had it in Aperature mode, the lighting kept changing between the frames. There wasn't much people walking because of the rain so I would definitely have to postpone the shoot until the sun starts coming out.


I started to second-guess this whole project because I thought adding just a few items in the background will not create a miniature effect. So I took pictures of the some things I had and started another test. (I used a square napkin to match the grid I saw from the background plate.) After trying this out, I was excited again to continue this project.


process below





Test shot from my desk


Combining two layers in photoshop


Tilt Shift effect
(Defocused in Nuke)


Final comp

Millennials | Concept

Concept: This project was inspired by an excerpt of Simon Sinek from an episode of Inside Quest.

In the age of instant gratification, I hope that our generation can learn to slow down, taking time to find joy and fulfillment.

"Instant gratification. You want to go on a date? You don’t even have to learn how to be socially awkward on that first date. You don’t need to learn how to practice that skill. You don’t have to be the uncomfortable person who says yes when you mean no and no when you mean yes. Swipe right - bang - done! You don’t even need to learn the social coping mechanism.

Everything you want you can have instantaneously. Everything you want, instant gratification, except, job satisfaction and strength of relationships - their ain’t no out for that. They are slow, meandering, uncomfortable, messy processes." 

-Simon Sinek

For this project, I will be filming students walking across the campus. Props will be added to the background. The time-lapse of the students walking will reflect on the fast-paced world we live in and the props will show what gives joy to the students.

References: I had fun looking through so many creative miniature photography.

Airbnb – Phone App Promo | Concept

Synopsis: Woman is at a cafe and opens the phone app. As we follow her through the neighborhood of Hermosa Beach, we see her clicking different icons to customize options for her house. Scene ends with the woman in front of a door, ready to go in. Endtag reads" "Airbnb - Make it your home."



There are many great references for the color/mood of this phone promo. I took color and composition references from existing Airbnb videos. In terms of the story though, I had to build my own flow of the video because my purpose for the video is to promote the Airbnb app; however, most Airbnb videos show the culture and the lifestyle of a location.

All Summer In A Day | Concept Frame

"All Summer In A Day" is a book by Ray Bradbury. We decided to take this story and make it into short film!

Here is a concept frame for the landscape. The story takes place in Venus, so I used a particular color palette that will take the audience to a different setting compared to Earth. Planet Earth was placed in the sky to convey that message even more. We will be shooting the background plate in Joshua Tree Park. My vision is to transform rocks as small volcanoes with smokes coming out from it. There will be heavy fogs to show the wet climate of the planet.

"It had been raining for seven years; thousands upon thousands of days compounded and filled from one end to the other with rain, with the drum and gush of water, with the sweet crystal fall of showers and the concussion of storms so heavy they were tidal waves come over the islands."

Here are the references I used for this frame!


Spring 2016 | VFX class with Raul

This class was when I discovered my love for VFX. We cover many topics from set extension, tracking, compositing, 3d modeling, roto-painting, green screen keying and camera projection (which is my favorite!).

Here are some screenshots of few things we did during class!

01 // pftrack- This tracking software was easy to work with and captured the 3d space so well.



02 // building modeling exercise- I referenced brutalist architectures and had fun creating different sketch models. Made me wonder how rewarding architects must feel once they see their design come to life.







3 // set extension- I worked with Mimi to create the project. These are screenshots of maya and nuke! This project was so fun. I got to watch the full process from shooting the plate all the way to designing, texturing, lighting, tracking, rotopainting, and compositing. Each steps have so many little steps within the process and it takes lots of trial and error to get to the end result but that's why it makes the result so rewarding!