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Before I go forward with my concept, I'm going to make a frame of the final look. Also during class, I went out to the shoot location to test out the time-lapse with my phone.

Playing with the placement of the props and testing out the roto-paints was fun. However, the computer I was using was particularly slow. I eventually became a little frustrated so I stopped and decided to get my footage right away!

This process was definitely helpful because it changed my plan. My original plan was to film during the time where many students will be passing by. However, upon testing I realized that it might be harder to place my props if there are lots of people walking in random directions.

So when I went out to film, I took with me the Vello shutterboss. I noticed that the lighting in each shot is different and I realized that I didn't set my camera to Manual mode. Since I had it in Aperature mode, the lighting kept changing between the frames. There wasn't much people walking because of the rain so I would definitely have to postpone the shoot until the sun starts coming out.


I started to second-guess this whole project because I thought adding just a few items in the background will not create a miniature effect. So I took pictures of the some things I had and started another test. (I used a square napkin to match the grid I saw from the background plate.) After trying this out, I was excited again to continue this project.


process below





Test shot from my desk


Combining two layers in photoshop


Tilt Shift effect
(Defocused in Nuke)


Final comp

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